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    What is the Preferred RoboHelp Output?


      Hi All,


      My developer and I have determined that our desktop application cannot use Microsoft HTML Help output since .CHM files cannot be accessed from the network.  Therefore, we're struggling to determine if we should use WebHelp or WebHelp Pro instead?


      I have searched the robohelp HELP and these forums, but do not see my specific quandry discussed anywhere.


      As well, what's Adobe AIR?  It seems that this is a free utility, yes?   And with WebHelp Pro, it says we need RoboHelp Server... is that an additional cost?!!?  We seem to be able to use WebHelp Pro without "Robohelp Server" - so far.


      Any insight would be helpful!


      - Karen

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi Karen


          CHM will work on a network drive if you modify the Windows registry to mark the location as being safe. This would need to occur in the individual registry for each PC accessing th CHM. So it's likely not optimal.


          Certainly you can go the WebHelp Pro route, but if this help system is intended to be installed on server environments at client locations, you would need to purchase a RoboHelp Server license for each client you install on. I'm sure that would make Adobe very happy, as you would need to purchase RoboHelp Server licenses at $2,000 or so each. Not only that, but their IT staff will love you as well because they would then be tasked with installing, configuring and maintaining a new server setup. But, it's an option if you want to go there.


          Adobe is hedging their bets a bit on AIRHelp. The whole AIR technology is new on the scene. There is an AIR runtime that each user would need to install as a first step. Then you would need to package your output as AIR and each user would have to install the help on their machines in much the same way as they install applications.


          My guess is that the best output type for this would be standard WebHelp.


          Hopefully this helps... Rick



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