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    List ItemRenderer problem


      I've created a subclass of List that has functions for scrolling without the use of scrollbars.  To get the list to scroll up or down one item, I invoke myList.scrollVertically(pos, 1, booleanValue), where pos is an int variable that keeps track of the current position of the list in my subclass.  The problem is when I scroll, some of the list item labels do not show (the list item shows empty text), and also, when an item is selected that was off the screen when the list was first displayed, the data I get back is the data associated with the last item of the list when the list was first shown.



      As an example, notice that there is a space where F should be.  Also, when the list is fed dynamic xml data, if I select G, I actually get the data from E.  My guess is that the item renderers aren't being updated properly, but I'm not sure how or where they get refreshed.  I'd appreciate anyone who might be able to help out.


      This is an update to http://forums.adobe.com/thread/553564?tstart=30




      Bob Seamon