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    Audio integration help needed

    MA MOHR Level 1

      Okay, so this is my last hope to find an answer to my dillema. I'm running Production Premium CS4 with a Matrox RTX2 LE on a Vista Business 64 bit PC. Right now the only way to hear the audio is to run through my integrated audio on the motherboard. This sucks because I also have to do just audio work. I want to find a mixer that will connect via firewire or USB that I can use for both audio and video work. Is there anyone out there that is using something like this? Or am I forever stuck using integrated audio or sound blaster cards that don't have the guts for what I need to do. I've been trying to get a TASCAM M164UF to work but after 2 days of going round and round with 3 different tech support places I'm at my wits end. So come on PPro users, I need some answers!!!!!!!