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    Help - 48 hrs to complete my Flash project [not much applied experience]


      I'm looking for any kind of insight or advice possible, as this could be my job at stake.


      I have some previous Flash and Dreamweaver training, I can figure out the programming aspect if needed, and am a long-time experienced graphic artist with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. I have the Adobe Design Premium CS4 package.


      **I've been asked to complete a project by Wed, close of business for a Flash presentation...which I'm quite rusty with (taken some courses a few back and tried various aspects out with the software). I've paid for and downloaded some Flash Web Templates, hoping to save time, and wondering I might be able to use the web templates to create the following requested:


      1) a Flash presentation that can loop on a TV screen
      2) have the same Flash presentation with navigation on a DVD, but will include additional documentation that can be obtainable by clicking through the navigation, etc.


      If I need to clarify, please let me know. I've been asked to complete this as I have quite a bit of experience with graphics, but seriously rusty with the Flash portion.


      Any suggestions?? I'd be incredibly grateful!


      Thank you!