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    Problem with dynamically add subforms


      I am trying to add subforms at runtime.  I used the provided example form and am unable to go past the 5 instances regardless of how I changed the code.  I  changed nNumSub to increase the subform instances.  No luck


      if (nNumSub == 5)


      xfa.host.messageBox("The maximum allowable number of subforms is 5. You cannot add any more subforms.

      , "Warning", 3);



      I did get lucky on one form but on the other with identical code and setup it doesn't work.  I included the working, non-working, and adobe example as reference.


      I don't want to use add rows feature becaue on the table I am going to use I have more than 1 row on my table and that function won't work.  I have been getting weird stuff like this in the forms.  Sometimes my dynamic drop-downs won't expand on one form, my text fields won't expand to include multiple lines etc.  It's been hit or miss.