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    After Effects + Adobe Media Encoder + Flash = Most Random File Sizes Ever


      Asking this question in this AE forum because I think more would have knowledge on the topic here than the Flash Forum. 


      I've heard that video compression is more of an art than a science...  Could someone provide me some insight on the following?


      -Created a 12 second, 30 FPS, 300x250 banner animation inside of After Effects

      -Exported for FLV/Flash to be placed inside of a 300x250 .FLA

      -Comps rendered directly from Adobe Media Encoder standalone instead of Render Queue in AE (for 2 pass .FLV's, and heard from various that .FLV's from render queue are not the prettiest at times). 


      I've always been under the impression that I would get smaller file sizes with SWF's externally linking to an FLV.  If I do it this way, I end up with: 


      41 KB .SWF  + 668 KB .FLV = 709 KB


      However, if I EMBED the same 668 KB .FLV to the FLA's timeline (not using the flvPlayback component) I end up with a 381 KB file size!


      I am just confused on the logic here, could someone explain the reasons for this?  I always thought my file size would be bigger if it was embedded to the timeline.