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    Auto-detect return type from sample data - why HTTPService but not WebService?


      When setting up a Data/Services connection (Flash Builder 4 beta 2), if we choose an HTTPService, and do "Configure Return Type", we get past the step: "Auto-detect the return type from sample data", by choosing either:


      1. Enter parameter values and call the operation

      2. Enter a complete URL including parameters and get it

      3. Enter a sample XML/JSON response


      Can we do the same thing with a Web Service? It doesn't give me the option "Configure Return Type", for any type of operation that I've created, including "Object", "String", "TMyField".


      I'm wondering if it is even possible to do this with a web service. I don't see why we can't configure the return type if the operation is returning XML within a string.


      I think this SHOULD be available to us. Is this a bug - will this be getting added at some point? Anybody know?