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    AE + Magic Mouse


      I have an iMac with one of the new Magic Mice (Magic Mouses ?).


      Although a great mouse (very responsive) it is a little bit problematic in AE, it is incredibly easy to do a scroll motion by accident (the whole top of the mouse surface is effectively a touch sensitive - very touch sensitive - scroll wheel) - so I find my composition window constantly (and I mean every minute or so) being zoomed in and out as I accidently touch the top of the mouse enough for a scroll to happen - (as I am sure you know a scroll action when your mouse is over your composition window will zoom it in or out)


      It is driving me a little mad !


      So my question is . . . . is there any way to lock the composition window at a single magnification (100% would be ideal) so that the scroll wheel on a mouse will not zoom the window . . . . or perhpas there is a way to switch off the zoom facility on the composition window through some kind of preference file ?


      Any help appreciated.