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    Adobe Air 2.0 beta causes overly transparent applications - unuseable



         I'm running Crunchbang linux 9.04 (Ubuntu Jaunty) x64. I successfully installed Adobe Air 2.0 beta and apps run, but they are all so transparent that they can't be seen or used. Below is a screenpic of an adobe air application called doit.im. It works fine in Adobe air 1.5 on this rig, except it always asks me to click to okay the certificate and the window won't move, it's fixed where it is.

      When running Adobe Air 2.0 apps, they are moveable, still ask me to click the certificate each time, but... they are WAY too unclear to see. When running the apps in a terminal, they yield no errors. I worked through all the gtk canberra errors successfully.

        So I'm running the apps fine from 1.5, but just wondering if anyone know how to fix the overly transparent issue for adobe 2.0 beta - with X64 linux rigs.




      Transparent doit.im.png