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    Large Video Organization


      I am trying to organize multiple large videos into a tutorial.  And by large i mean in excess of 6 hours long each.  They were shot continuously all day of a projector screen, computer monitor, or randomly picked up to go look at something else important and were always left on so that the people shooting it could be involved in the demo and not have to worry about loosing anything important going on off screen (which comes down to someone walking up to the camera and saying notes to it fairly frequently while being off screen).  Needless to say there is alot of dead space, which can be easily removed, but i mainly need to chop it up into a bunch of short clips and piece them together and reorganize them to form the tutorial.  Idealy i would be able to put 5 different flags throught the clips whenever certian subjects come up, the final movie will be broken down to 5 sections, and then cut them appart from there.  However i can't seem to find a time efective way to do this and i am knew at the software to boot.  There is the "Edit Original" option where one would think that you could add clip markers, but that just opens up windows media player and plays the clip.  There are also all of these nice tags, but i don't know how to add them to a specific time in the clip.  There is also this hand auto analyzer that splits the clip into a much a sceens that tags can be applied to seperately, but i can't find how to split clips into scenes manually to do this.


      Could some one please point me in the right direction because out of all the bells and wistles in the software there has to be something out there to do this process, or a better way to go about it.



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          First and foremost, you'll want to make sure this video is in a format you can work with in Premiere Elements. And that is vital -- because, when you're dealing with this much video, if you complicate things by having a non-standard video format, you're likely never going to get it to work.


          So, if your video is in any format but DV-AVI, you might want to consider a different editing program. Premiere Elements runs deep but it runs narrow -- which means that it's very powerful but it works with a very narrow range of formats. So, if all you're doing is cutting out some footage and creating a series of DVDs, you definitely might want to look into a program that's much wider and maybe not so deep.


          That may seem strange advice but, trust me, you're going to be doing many hours of work on this piece. And I'm sure you can't afford to deal with software chokes and incompatibility annoyances.


          So what kind of camcorder did this video come from and what format is it in?

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            b.dahme Level 1

            It is a canon fs20.  It records in mpg, or at least thats the format they gave it to me in.  As far as software goes, photoshop is what i have available becuase the school owns it already.  As far as formats go i have tried mpg, mov, avi, and wmv and can't get anything to play in premiere even though i can jog through the video just fine, but thats another issue i am atempting to solve.  Premiere does say that it will take any of those formats, but is there a transcoder you would suggest?  Preferably a free one.  There is tons of them online, but most arn't so hot without trying each and every one.

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              b.dahme Level 1

              I found Leawo Free AVI Converter, and that seams to do the trick just fine.  It converts to AVI with DV codec, and the mouse over even says for video editing.  It still doesn't play, but thats i different issue.

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                Kodebuster Level 3

                If it's Mpeg as you stated, slated for Standard Definition, you can use Windows Movie Maker (WMM) which is free with XP or Vista.


                It does a good job converting Mpeg to DV-AVI, and if your working with large Mpeg's, your best bet is to convert to DV-AVI.


                Also check this link for additional tools on conversion: