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    Tiling Marks in Illustrator- PLEASE HELP

    Kevin DeSouza



      I'm trying to tile a large graphic in Illustrator CS4. Printing it is fine. It tiles fine. The problem is getting marks on each page so I can put the thing together properly. I'm working with many sheets so I need some sort of reference for the tiling. InDesign puts marks on each tile so that you can build it seamlessly. How do you get similar marks out of Illustrator? Adding trim marks from the print dialog only gives crops around the final trim size. I need marks on each tile to be able to trim the overlap and bleed off, line it up to the next tile and put it together. I'm making corrections to the graphic as I go, so placing manual marks is a pain in a%$ and time consuming. I'm sure there's som stupid checkbox I'm missing as I think this should be a very simple task- at least it used to be. Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated.