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    What file system to use in exporting from cs3 HD

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      Hi just a quick thank you for the information that I have received from this forum. Being from a small community this service is well appreciated.


      My question is that okay so now I want to export my project and I need to know if there is a file system I can save it to, to be able to bring it back into premier if I so choose. The work flow I use in Premier especially with 2hr plus projects, with all the layering, slo mo etc bogs the project down, when I edited sd I would export half as a movie, edited second half and render to movie and combined both files together to create the long movie. In hd I don't understand the file system I could use, I am shooting sony hd hvr z7u shooting 1080i. So what file system and should it be mpeg or h264. Does Premiere support a workable file system.