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    .swf to .mov with many restrictions

    IMpastoAnimationStudios Level 1

      Hello everyone,


      I am trying to convert a .swf to .mov in Mac Leopard, and I have many rules to follow for this particular purpose.


      1. .mov must be 640x480 or 720x480
      2. under 50 MB
      3. (my restriction) needs to look really good


      I have tried the following:


      1. Export from Flash to .mov - I get 300 MB and it looks pretty bad
      2. This converter http://www.swftomovmac.com/ couldn't even take my .swf for some reason
      3. This converter http://www.macvide.com/Macvide_FlashVideo_Converter/ works (37 MB) but the quality is pretty low
      4. Bring the .swf into Premiere and then export, which works great, but the file is 737 MB - even when I lower the quality all the way down to 1


      If anyone knows something about this that I don't, please help! My co-worker and I have been going for days on this one!




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          robdillon Most Valuable Participant

          You shouldn't need to use any external application to create a QT file from Flash. You can export video directly. What settings are you using when you export the file from Flash? Is there audio in the file, or just video?

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            waterdad568 Level 3

            Your file size restrictions may be unrealistic. Flash publishes swf's just about as optimized as you can get, so if your swf is bigger than 50 mgs now, it may be a case of trying to stuff 10lbs of you know what into a 5lb bag.


            A 700mg movie is fairly large, so you may not be able to keep the quality you desire, if the primary criteria is purely size. There may need to be some compromise somewhere along the line.


            What size was the swf to begin with?

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              IMpastoAnimationStudios Level 1

              Hello, and thank you.


              I did resolve the issue by exporting to .mov through Premiere and then buying Quicktime Pro and Exporting again from QT - I lost extremely little quality, but it seems that QT was able to discard any "extraneous" info (I'd be curious to find out what just what that info is).


              I should mention that I wasn't very clear in my last - my first approach WAS to export from Flash... I tried it with all sorts of compression settings and all sorts of frame sizes, but the best I could ever get was an image of very poor quality with all sorts of artifacts. Because of that, I will most likely contact Adobe directly to make them aware that in my case at least the export to .mov option proved to be useless at best and a terrible time-waster at worst (sad but true).


              There is audio in the file, and unfortunately Premiere does not seem to import it with the .swf file (unless there is some option I missed). On that count, I didn't have a problem - I just needed to re-insert the same audio file into Premiere as a part of my movie before sending it out again.


              Anyway, thanks again. Most helpful!



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                IMpastoAnimationStudios Level 1

                Thanks so much!


                I did resolve the issue after all (you can read about it on my other response if you are curious).


                I must have mis-communicated... the .swf file was only about 2 MB or so. That's one of the things I love about Flash - incredible capabilities in very small packages.


                It's just that Flash's export to .mov is really pretty problematic.


                The entire difficulty began when I had to have size AND quality but was forced to use .mov over the native .swf file... of course I would have preferred to have kept it as a .swf, but each task has its own challenges, and the conversion turned out to be one of the biggest problems for this job (which, ironically, I thought was going to be easy).


                The good news is that now I know should this surface again.


                Thanks again,


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                  IMpastoAnimationStudios Level 1

                  If anyone runs across this issue, the resolution I finally found is written in my posts. Thanks!