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    Add an animation to a html page

    broomeGirl Level 1

      Hi I have a static html home page on my website and I would like to add a flash animation of a cartoon character riding her bike.  My home page is



      I have tried several ways of doing this.  Firstly I started taking measurements using firefox developer toolbar and then realised that the page displays differently according to what screen size users view it.


      Next I took a screenshot and imported this to the stage and used the dimensions of my wrapper div which is 1024 px.  I am using the creative suite 4.  After creating a separate layer for the animation and getting the character to go where i wanted her to go, I realised I couldnt use the navigation which is on the html page.


      If anyone has tried this sort of thing before I would appreciate some advice, thanks for your time.

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          It's not really clear to me what your having a problem with.  The title doesn't match the story, and the story doesn't sound like it involves a Flash issue.

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            broomeGirl Level 1

            What are you unclear about?  I am trying to add an animation to an existing html page.  Sorry if i havent explained myself well.

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              Umm the navigation isn't working because it is no longer links now they are

              all apart of one giant image you took. You can make them into buttons with each button linking to the appropriate page. Other wise what I would do is keep everything the same. keep all the html and everything the same but put your animation where ever you want it to be.  That way your not remaking the enitre thing.

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                broomeGirl Level 1

                Thanks for that.  That is actually my question.  If i make the animation with the home page as my background, I dont have the navigation but if I make the animation and then delete the background layer, can I superimpose the flash animation over the entire html page, if the flash animation background is transparent.  I have posted a rough draft swf file for you to see what I am trying to achieve.  Hope this helps.

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                  dreaminator Level 1

                  Okay I see I like it, I guess at this point you have two options

                  1. making all those links buttons that link to your appropriate pages and having it one .swf for your whole index.

                  2. or what you said making it transparent windowless background with the animation on top of the html. However to be honest i am not sure if that'll work. But only saying that because I have never tried it. It may mess up your image on the left.  To make it transparent windowless so you could give it a try.  Go to your flash project file. Then click on File---> then publich settings---->then HTML tab-----> then window mode select transparent windowless.  I tried before to make it windowless and for some reason it wasn't actually doing it but Go for it give it a try and if it doesn't work then I'd suggest option number 1 and I can help you out with the code for that too if you need.