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    Suggestions for remote access of Kiosks


      I am starting planning a upgrade of a interactive kiosk and have been requested to include a number of additional options.


      Current Setup

      The Kiosk is a instore touchscreen unit that allows the customers to select and read product inforamtion, play video clips, and enter customer satisfaction feedback. Statistics of usage is stored in a text file that is retrieved form time to time.


      The current aplication is +/- 160 Megs

      22 Video clips ranging in size from 4Megs to 380Megs Currently Mpeg1, 720x576 Runs full screen


      Created with Director 2004MX Ver10.1

      OS Windows XP Pro

      Kiosks; HP small formfactor AMD procesor, 1gig ram

      17" touchscreens


      The units are spead across the country, some in remote towns. +/- 60 kiosks in total


      Currently updates, and statistic retrieval, is via USB memory sticks when Sales Representative vist the stores.


      Updates Requested.

      New format (22" widescreen)

      HD Video

      Remote Statistic Retrieval

      Remote Update (load /replace information)

      Remote Diagnostics


      I relise that not all of this is possible but would like to here sugestions.


      The HD Video will create even larger files and this will complicate the update proceedure, however the video files are not changed very often.


      We have an extensive 3G/HSDPA data network across the country and most of the Kiosks will be able to access this network.


      PUSH or PULL ??

      The question is should each unit "send" its data to a central server or should a central computer "download" the data from each unit?

      Like wise should each kiosk, on starting and at a set time, enquire if there is a update, and then download and istall?


      The diagnostics have been requested since some of the store managers "forget" to turn them on or off or report eratic performance of the kiosk.


      The current kiosks have been a great sucsess and have been operating for over 3 years with very few problems, however they are now looking old and the equipment is past its warrenty and we would like to increase the quality of the video inserts.


      Windows 7?? better or worse. The kiosks are expected to be instores for at least 3 years...


      Any comments most welcome


      Rob H

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          Chunick Level 3

          You would need one of the machines to test if full screen HD video is possible... the video card would have to support HD video.


          If you can upgrade to D11.5 then you can take advantage of native support of H.264 video.


          If you use the Multiuser Xtra (or the free open source OpenSMUS) then you can have each of the units communicate with the server and vice versa for all your remote features.


          You could upgrade to Windows 7, but it's not going to give you any better features/looks since it's a kiosk running a Director built front end... as well, there are the UAC security issues to deal with in Vista or Win7. I would think it's more important to upgrade the hardware to run the HD video smoothly.


          In fact, all of your proposed upgrades are possible. The remote updates / diagnostics will probably be the most involved.