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    Air file damaged

    FlexFlip Community Member

      When installing workflowlab_p2_011110.air I receive the following message:


      Sorry, an error has occurred.

      The application could not be installed because the AIR file is damaged. Try obtaining a new AIR file from the application author.

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          __antonio__ Community Member

          WFL doesn't install when you have AIR 2 beta installed. Uninstall the beta and install 1.5.3. Once WFL is installed correctly you can re-update to AIR 2 beta.

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            FlexFlip Community Member

            Currently installed version is, so the beta should not be an issue.


            Update: updated to Air and could install WFL successfully. Maybe double check the installation process? For a developer having to manually figure this out is fine, but I would not like my clients go through this process.

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              Thanks for the notes...We are investigating this with the AIR team. I'll post more information when we track down the issue.

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                Kristin95762 Community Member

                Seems like this error is perpetual.


                I'm just trying to create my first AIR app, converting a Flash cs4 AS3 file to AIR. I get the same error as reported here when I start my application.air installation package. I run Win XP. Has there been any solution to this problem yet? I've installed the latest AIR update 1.5.9(something), didn't seem to matter.



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                  dwinnie@adobe Community Member

                  We tracked down the issue and it is a combination of an AIR runtime issue and the target version of AIR we used for the current beta. We are going to be launching a new beta soon that will use the new AIR 2 beta runtime that will resolve the issue.




                  Doug Winnie

                  Principal Product Manager

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                    Kristin95762 Community Member



                    I'm not using a beta version of AIR. It is your recent 1.5.9(?) update.


                    What I discovered is that if I untick the timestamp my file compiles, though I get the warning that the app won't install when the certificate expires (I think that's what it said. I'm not looking at it right now). I'm just a beginner so it's not critical to me right now about the certificate. I suppose that could be in the future.