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    Use keyboard


      Hi all. I'm a teacher. I haved used adobe captivate with my plan but i feel it uses only mouse to control object in adobe captivate. You can help me, how to use keyboard to control objects in adobe captivate. Sorry if i haved used english bad. Please help me.!!!

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          Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional



          Please could you explain a little bit more? You are talking about 'controlling the object', which kind of objects and during which phase:  while editing as a developer or when the user is viewing and interacting with the published SWF-movie? Are you talking about shortcuts such as CTRL-S (for saving) or about something else?


          Kind of objects such as Click Boxes, Buttons, Text Entry Boxes.


          What is your native tongue? If it is French, Dutch or German, you can insert some terms in those languages as far as I'm concerned.



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            congdaittb@yahoo.com Level 1

            Dear Lilybiri!


            "Please could you explain a little bit more?" I example, i have use click box object. So, i want to continue slide when stop, i have to click on it by mouse. WWhich i have keyboard to do this? Are you understand?

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              Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional



              OK, understand better your question. A click box is normally triggered by clicking (hence the name), but you can attach a shortcut too so that the user can use the shortcut (keyboard) as well as a click. I post an image to explain:


              Open the properties for the click box (right mouse menu). You see in the yellow rectangle that this click box doesn't have a shortcut for the moment. To attach the shortcut, click on 'Select keys' (orange rectangle). The box 'Shortcut key' will open. Activate the option 'Attach a shortcut' (green rectangle). Then you can select the wanted shortcut, one key or a combination key with CTRL,SHIFT or ALT. Here I choose 'Enter' as a shortcut, this is indicated at the bottom also 'Current shortcut: Enter' (see blue rectangles). If you press OK, the shortcut will be attached to the click box. The user will be able to use 'Enter' or to click on the click box to have the action on success performed.


              Hope this will help you out?