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    Need Script to split multi-paged ID file into multiple single paged ID files

    Roger Sawhill Level 1

      I have created a 366 page document (and have 2 more to create). None of the text threads from page to page, and there are no master page items. Each page is destined to be used as a single block that will be copied and pasted into a master document by a database driven plugin (and for color editing reasons it needs to be separate .indd files). For expediency, I created these as a single document because I could import the text with ID style tags to pre-format the text (with all text blocks threaded). I then broke all the text threads using API's Auto Unstich plugin. We then manually tweaked the text of each page.


      Gluon once sold a plugin called DocSplitter, but it has not been updated since CS1 and does not work with CS4.


      Before you ask why I don't have the database plugin create multiple single page docs — the plugin doesn't currently save to individual ID docs (yet - feature to be released in 3 months).


      I know that scripting could possibly do what I need, but I have little to no experience with AppleScript (7 years ago) and none with Javascript. Would love to find a pre-packaged solution and am willing to pay someone for it.


      To guess there are two ways a script could work:


      1) script breaks the doc into single pages (not sure how that would work really) but the files would be named based on page number — i.e filename-01.indd, filename-02.indd, etc.


      2) script selects all objects on a page, groups the objects, copies the objects, creates a new page, pastes the objects and then saves the file in the same manner as number 1 above - loop and repeat for al the pages.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.


      many thanks