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    Visibility and printing


      I'm currently working on a form with 4 pages. Besides 3 "normal" pages, I would like to have one page with some user information, which should not be printed.


      From my understanding, this can be achieved by setting the display properties of the relevant master page, page and objects to "Display - screen only" (raw translation from my localized version; i.e. relevant = "-print", presence = "visible").


      For the text object, this works as expected. But the page containing the text is still printed as empty page. Please see the attached file as example:

      - 2 master pages

      - 2 pages with 1 text object each; first set to "visible", second set to "visible - screen only"



      - when displaying the form, 2 pages with text are shown

      - when printing the form, only first page and text should be printed


      Actual result:

      - when displaying the form, 2 pages with text are shown

      - when printing the form, first page with text and second (empty) page are printed


      Do you have any suggestions, how to solve this and save the environment by not "printing" empty pages ;-)




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          Kevin Cavallo Level 4

          Torsten, I've done some testing and the -print relevance seems to work like "invisible"; that is, the object is not displayed but it still takes up space in the layout.  Therefore the page is reserved even though there's no object being displayed.  I don't know if this is by design, or a bug in Adobe, but you might want to contact support and see if this is a bug or not.


          In the meantime, I think I have a work-around for you.  On your form, add the following javascript to the prePrint event of the subform for the page that you don't want printed:

               this.presence = "hidden";


          This will hide that subform before invoking the print process, and since the "hidden" property value removes the object from the layout the page will not appear.




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            RoloffAdK Level 1

            Kevin, thank you for your quick and helpful response. This workaround solves the problem for me.


            However, I think, Adobe should redesign the presence/relevande behaviour. Maybe, there should be "presence"-values like "visible", "invisible", "hidden" for printing as well. For objects like text or input fields, it makes sense to set the print-presence to invisible and thus keep the layout. But for a page, if it should not be printed, there's not layout to keep at all.