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    Multi-line chart axis titles?

      I’m using the charting components provided with Flex Builder 3 Pro and can’t seem to get the y-axis title to display multi-line. I traced the code back to the ChartLabel.as class provided in the sdk and it shows that when the label is created, multi-line is set to true. Is there a special string I need to pass with the title to make it use 2 lines?

      The strings I’ve tried are…

      “% of e-mail users accessing e-mail eight or more times per month”
      “% of e-mail users accessing e-mail\neight or more times per month”
      “% of e-mail users accessing e-mail<br>eight or more times per month”

      …but each still displays on a single line.
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          matthew horn Level 3
          You should be able to force a multi line axis label by using "\n" in the title, and setting its value in actionscript rather than as a property of the axis tag, like this:

          myLinearAxis.title="Dollars \n for \n Donuts";

          renders as:


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