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    PRE8 driver issue or not?




      I have just bought PRE 8 and installed it on my I7, Windows 7 64 bit, NVIDIA 250 GTS, 6gb ram.

      I can start PRE8 editor once, but if I exit the application and try to start the editor again it won't start!


      If I restart the computer i can run the editor application again, but if I exit and start over it won't start.

      It just says lauching application and nothing more happen. Is this a driver issue?

      I have the NVIDIA driver 195.62 or is it a PRE8 problem or is it a W7 64 bit problem?




      I have tried the NVIDIA beta 195.81 driver and this does not solve the problem. What to do?



      The beta driver and a few reboots did the trick so far.


      But can't i get rid of that annoying Welcome screen and start the editor directly, it seems to make the application start slower than it could be?

      The same thing with PSE 8.