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    OutputService.generatePDFOutput XDP location question




      I am using Adobe Output Service to merge XML document stream to an XDP file using Web Services API in Java. Had to use Web services as the app I am developing is on WAS 6.0 and Adobe LiveCycle Server is at WAS 6.1. The client application is on a different server than Adobe.


      My question:


      While invoking the output service from the client application, can I pass the XDP location relative to the server I am invoking the web service call? I mean to ask if the XDP can be included in the EAR file of my application and passed to the output service.generatePDFOutput method to do the merge.


      I got an error when I did this. However, when I placed the XDP templates on the Forms Server, the call works.I want to be able to place the XDP files on a server other than Adobe if possible as our Adobe Server is an Enterprise Server and we want to keep application specific forms, data to a minimal.


      Please advice.