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    What code will keep button location same during zoom ?

    envirographics Level 1


      We have a zoom and pan flash map and require buttons over it relating to certain geographical locations, like the maps seen on the internet showing e.g. shops selling curtains in a certain city and as you zoom in, they still point to the sites as street names become clearer etc.


      What coding can we use to keep these placed on these sites as the user zooms in or out ?



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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I am not sure that code will be the solution, though there may be a way to do it.  What you may need to do is establish the registration point of your buttons such that they are exactly where you want the buttons to stay.  The registration point should not change position as you zoom, but if the registration point is off of the point you have it pointing to, then it will move away as you zoom in.

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