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    Calling mx:Sequence from mx:Script?

      I want to have a search form that has a "Show More Search Options" and a "Show Less Search Options" and when this LinkButton is clicked I do the following:

      1) Fade in/out a grid of more search fields.
      2) Lower/Raise the LinkButton to accommodate the space that the grid takes up.

      I could just move the button, but I'd like to add an effect for the move and a pause, therefore I am using a mx:Sequence so I can put in the pause because I want the button to move back up after the grid has faded out (which is about 1 second).

      I am brand new to Flex & AS3, so I may not be doing this the best way but here is a snippet what I have so far.


      public function showMoreOptions(btn:LinkButton):void{
      if( btn.label == "Show More Options"){
      grdMoreOpt.visible = true;
      btn.label = "Show Less Options";
      btn.move(btn.x, btn.y+50);
      btn.label = "Show More Options";
      grdMoreOpt.visible = false;
      btn.move(btn.x, btn.y-50);
      <mx:Sequence id="slideBtnUp">
      <mx:Pause duration="1000"/>
      <mx:Move xBy="0" duration="1000" easingFunction="Bounce.easeOut"/>
      <mx:Move yTo="50" duration="1000" easingFunction="Bounce.easeIn"/>