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    Adding a 'sort by' option to table data in webhelp output

    Nick@Tag Level 2

      RH8 HTML


      Hi all,

      Just wondering (again) if its possible to add a sort feature to a table?


      currently, I've got multiple topics that look like the following. They are a breakdown of all fields/buttons and their functions


      field name
      customer iddescription of fieldexample data to be entered
      namedescription of fieldexample data to be entered
      customer order nodescription of fieldexample data to be entered
      job titledescription of fieldexample data to be entered



      this is the order that the fields appear on the user form, I'm wondering if I could add a 'Sort By A-Z' and 'Sort by Appearance' options so the user can view the fields, descriptions, and examples either by the order it appears, or in alphabetical order - all the while the description and example fields moving with the sort.


      Just gives a bit more functionality for users so they can find a field quickly if the list is a bit bigger by using an alpha sort


      Thanks for any help.