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    PE8 Hangs after video capture


      I am seeing a problem when capturing video via firewire that PE8 will hang when capturing the last clip at the end of the tape.

      The tape is about 48 minutes long and has 9 clips. All clips are captured but after the last clip is captured PE8 hangs.

      After the hang occurs I see PE8 is using 750M of memory when usually it uses about 350M of memory.

      I can succesfully capture the video to Windows Movie maker and CorelStudio Pro X2 without problems.

      I see on the Adobe website that the pv-gs120 is a tested device which is basically the same as the pv-gs150 so I am assuming there is not capatibilty problem.


      Another interesting thing to note is that on some videos that I have captured from windows moviemaker when I add them to the timeline I see that

      PE8 hangs when trying to create the peak file. PE8 Hangs when it gets to the end of the video ( 99% complete) when creating the peak file so I am wondering if this is somehow related to the above capture problem I am seeing.


      Here is my setup:


      WinXp Media Center SP3 with all the latest updates from windows update

      Latest quicktime from apple

      Nvidia with latest .81 beta drivers

      Panasonic pv-gs150 minidv camera connected via fire wire.

      AMD Athlon 4200 dual core with 2G of memory

      250G HD with 200G free space.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          It does sound like the pause you're describing after capturing is Premiere Elements creating its peak files. But that shouldn't be a long pause and it certainly shouldn't lock up the program for more than a few seconds (depending on how long your clips are, of course -- and yours do seem to be a bit longer than the typical 1 or 2 minutes).


          If, after five minutes, the program still seems frozen, something is definitely up.


          It sounds like you have all of the necessary updates, including the latest Quicktime, so I'm not sure what to recommend.


          Does this happen even when you capture a brief 1 or 2 minute clip?

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            mkinzlma1 Level 1

            Hi Steve,

            Thanks for the reply.
            I left the program running for a couple hours after the video capture and came back to find PE8 hung.

            My guess was that PE8 did not like how the final clip ended abruptly, all other clips had new clips following on the tape. Seems like this was the same problem I saw when I added some avi files captured with WMM to the timeline. I am also suspicious that since this is a reused tape that possibly it could be that some data on the tape after the last clip somehow confused PE8 causing it to hang.


            I have not tried any shorter clips yet so I'm don't know if shorter clips work or not.

            I have some old clips that I captured with PE3 and they all seem to work fine and peak files are generated properly when added to the timeline.




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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              As I re-read your post I realized that we were only talking about one clip, not a chronic problem. So you could be right. It could be just something funny with the recording itself.

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                mkinzlma1 Level 1



                I don't think anything is wrong with the recording per se as other video software tools can capture the video.

                My assertion is that somehow PE8 has a bug that in certain situations causes the "peak file" generation to hang.


                I will try to inport using winDv and see if the peak file problem occurs when I add the clip to the timeline.



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                  mkinzlma1 Level 1

                  The problem seems to be that when different format AVI files exist on the same tape that it causes PE to hang when PE detects the format change.


                  I was having trouble with a large WMM project and since I spent a lot of time on the project I decided to export the project to my DV camera and then import into PE8.

                  The tape in the camera had existing footage so I appended the WMM project to the end of the tape.

                  When the tape was then recaptured into PE the program hung at the point where the WMM AVI started.

                  Seems WMM must use a different AVI format than what my PV-GS150 catures natively.



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                    Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                    Your camcorder is a miniDV so, if you are capturing over FireWire from a tape, your video is streaming into the computer as a DV-AVI -- and that's true whether you're capturing with Premiere Elements, Windows MovieMaker or WinDV. None of these programs changes the video data as it comes it. They merely break it into brief AVIs.

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                      mkinzlma1 Level 1

                      That is what I thought as well, but the 2nd time I imported the tape into PE I got a popup from PE with a message that a format change had occured and that the capture could not continue.