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    [CS4] Best way to mix HD and SD?

    Matthew Hack

      Hey guys, had some fantastic reading here that's done me a lot of good. Hopefully someone can help me out here.


      Here's the scoop - I'm working on a documentary, and we're currently trying to find the best way to mix HD and SD footage so that it's best presentable. Everything was shot on DV/HDV, so before we waste all the time capturing just to find out there are better ways to go about it, we wanted to see what others have done. Essentially, our narrative clips (think Masterpiece Theatre) are shot in HD, and we're using a lot of still images at a high enough resolution to work in HD. Only thing is, a lot of our interview clips are shot in SD, but in 16:9 so at least aspect ratio is the same.


      What would be the best way to go about this for consistent video quality? Would you recommend capturing everything in its native format, upscaling the SD footage as best as possible and exporting as HD? Bringing down the quality of the HD footage upon capture and just editing/exporting everything as SD? If you'd recommend upscaling, any advice on how to go about that? Appreciate all the help!