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    How can I create a Tree with Color Picker icons?

      I'm a newbie to Flex. I want to create a tree which has color picker icons.

      As an analogy for the Mac users out there, I envision a control like the Calendars section in iCal, where you can specify the color for each individual node. These colors are then used in other parts of the application.

      The Flex 3 documentation specifies four methods for setting node icons on a Tree control, none of which seems to suit my needs:
      -The folderOpenIcon, folderClosedIcon, and defaultLeafIcon properties
      -Data provider node icon fields
      -The setItemIcon() method
      -The iconFunction property

      In other words, I want to "setItemIcon" to an mx:ColorPicker, if that makes any sense.

      Is there a standard way of doing this? If not, how can I go about implementing such a control? Thanks in advance!