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    Can a single stylesheet be applied to linked Word docs?

    RightOar Level 1

      Hi all,


      Everytime I link (by reference) a Word document to my RH 8 project, a new css file is applied to each topic. Is there anyway this can be avoided by designating one style sheet for all linked docs? I use a specified style set in Word and I've designated the default RHStyleMapping.css in the Import tab under Project settings, but I'm guessing this only applies to imported documents. I've also tried creating a dummy topic with the RHStyleMapping.css and selected the "Apply to all topics" setting, but again I'm assuming that this applies to only imported or newly created topics. I say this because no matter which settings I choose, the linked/generated topics still create new css files. And when I change a topic's style to the RHStyleMapping.css through the Topic Properties window, I void the Link to Word advantage that updating the source document and "regenerating" in RH allows.


      Under the Conversion Settings, I've selected the [Source] style as the RoboHelp style to map with the Word styles. This has worked well and my linked documents look good (same as the source). I'm just wondering if I should be concerned with the number of css files created--and whether I'm missing something. Stylesheets are not my strong point.