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    Flex and WSDL problem

    CannotCompute Level 1

      I have a WSDL loaded into flex. Everything seems to be there, but everytime i try to get the data, I get...


      Error: Cannot find definition for type 'http://expocharger.com/webservices/::GetBoothContactsResult_type0'


      I have a class called GetBoothContactsResult_type0, but I am not sure how to implement it.



      public var myService:OpenEventData = new OpenEventData();


      public function handleResult(e:GetBoothContactsResultEvent):void







      public function click(e:MouseEvent):void



      //var req:GetBoothContacts_request = new GetBoothContacts_request();

      //var type:GetBoothContactsResult_type0 = new GetBoothContactsResult_type0();

      //myService.getBoothContacts_lastResult.anyElement = new GetBoothContactsResult_type0(); null error