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    Realtime drawing in flex



      I have an array of about 10,000 points that I need to graph. The original way that this was done in PHP was to just create an image 10,000 pixels wide, and put it in a box with the overflow hidden and use JavaScript to move the image to the left continuously to make it appear animated. When I try to do that in flex using mx:move, the graph is too jumpy. I want it to move smoother. When I use only 200 of our data points the graph moves smooth enough for me. I have tried to increase the frame rate and also used mx:AnimateProperty on 'x', but it seems to be the size of the image that is the problem.


      Current Idea:

      My new idea is to have a window of about 500 pixels and draw the graph realtime. The theory is that the graph would start by putting 500 points in the box from the first 500 values in the array. then, in each frame, every point takes the value of the one to its right and the last one takes the next value from the array. I don't have a clue where to start to make this happen or if this is even the best course of action. Any help is appreciated.