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    Camera profiles in DNG from camera (Leica S2, M8)


      Hi all,


      I´m reviewing captures from the Leica S2, which is saving Raw in the DNG format after capture. There is only one camera profile in the DNG files ("embedded"). Compared to a JPEG (mode DNG+JPG for capture) of the same shot the color rendering with the embedded profile is more saturated and slightly shifted in the hues. Greens get an ugly plastic look.


      I have captures with Leica M8, too. They have more camera profiles: Embedded, Adobe Standard, Camera Standard and ACR legacy (3.6, 4.4).


      As I understand Leica M8 DNGs are supported by Adobe with camera specific camera profiles while Leica S2 DNGs are NOT supported by Adobe with specific camera profiles.


      Please can someone clarify this?


      Second question: Is the Leica S2 embedded profile a camera specific profile (from Leica) or a generell camera profile? Who is in charge for the embedded profile?