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    Disable 'truncateToFit' on a Label component?

    Mariush T.



      How can i disable 'truncateToFit' on a Spark Label component? Label component doesn't have 'truncateToFit' property.



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          Jason Szeto Level 3



          I'm attaching the ASDoc descriptoin of TextBase.isTruncated:


          A read-only property reporting whether the text has been truncated.

          Truncating text means replacing excess text        with a truncation indicator such as "...".       The truncation indicator is locale-dependent;       it is specified by the "truncationIndicator" resource       in the "core" resource bundle.


          If maxDisplayedLines is 0, no truncation occurs.       Instead, the text will simply be clipped        if it doesn't fit within the component's bounds.


          If maxDisplayedLines is is a positive integer,        the text will be truncated if necessary to reduce        the number of lines to this integer.


          If maxDisplayedLines is -1, the text will be truncated        to display as many lines as will completely fit within the height       of the component.


          Truncation is only performed if the lineBreak style is "toFit"; the value of this property       is ignored if lineBreak is "explicit".

          The default value is false.