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    Shared user dictionaries in projects under RoboSource?

      Custom user dictionaries (with added words) are stored locally outside the project files.

      Anybody know if it's possible to share a 'custom' RH dictionary in a project under RoboSource?

      Or perhaps another way to share approved words in a project? Perhaps through ignored words; are these stored in the project itself?


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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Hi Herman.

          Each project has a .STP (Stop List) and .IGN (Ignored List) file. You can copy these manually between projects if required using Windows Explorer.

          What you may want to do is create a blank project that contains all the required elements and check that into RoboSource. When you want to create a new project, just get the latest files, rename the project and then check this in to RoboSource. I should say we don't use RoboSource here - we prefer another solution - so you'll have to test this idea out to see if it works for you.