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    E-Mail Query From Adobe "PRE Troubleshooting"




      I recently posted a discussion thread on this forum about my woes with Premiere Elements.  Today, I got an e-mail from "PRE Troubleshooting" (Akash Tomar).  This person asked for further information about my system in order to dig out the issue properly.


      I replied to the e-mail (see below), but the reply bounced due to " . . .user unknown".


      Here is my reply:


      "Hi Akash:


      Thank you for your inquiry.  However, I have removed this product from my computer.  My research has told ne that my problem is common -- and is due to conflict between the product and the RealTek sound system on my ASUS P6T motherboard.  Further, it seems to be Adobe policy to rarely issue updates to products such as Premiere Elements.


      I have moved on and have bought another product."


      Akash, if you are out there -- here's your reply.