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    Dual Recordings?



      I am trying to find software that will to Lecture Captures of Both PowerPoint & the Professor simultaneously. The idea is that i will have one audio source for both the PowerPoint and the Professor. Then be able to cross fade between them either live while it’s recording or in post-production. Can Captivate do this? Or is there a way to successfully do this.


      Again the idea is once the Lecture is completed and i am able to create a video that moves back and forth between the Professor and PowerPoint as needed.

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi there


          You might take a look at TechSmith Camtasia Studio or Jing Pro. Jing Pro allows you to use a Web Cam and switch between the Web Cam and what you are recording. Camtasia also offers an ability for Web Cam. Not sure if or how well that it handles perhaps a live feed of a different camera or if it accepts perhaps a recorded video of the stuff.


          Captivate does offer the ability to use Video in conjunction with the project, but it will likely be rather tricksy to match the video up with the slides. Unlike Camtasia or Jing Pro, Captivate does not offer any ability to record from a Web Cam.


          You might also investigate Adobe Presenter. Presenter allows you to record using a Web Cam. The neat thing is that it also allows you to insert the video segment in the Table of Contents as a small window if you like.


          Hopefully this was helpful... Rick



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            WhiteRAVE007 Level 1

            For this project i don't want to use a webcam i want to use a MiniDV device. But i will check out those other products thanks.