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    Installed Adobe Reader 9 in trouble with Word...

    sommamc Level 1

      I am in trouble because I upgraded Adobe Reader to version 9, replacing the version 8 I was using with success! I work on an iMac.

      I wrote a book on Word 2004 for Mac and if I move it on Word 2008, even if the configuration is the same, the pages come out differently and all messed up. I absolutely need to keep it on Word 2004 from which I cannot save my text as pdf because of Reader version 9, it is not available in the menu anymore.

      Ok to uninstall it, but I cannot find the download for my previous version 8 on which the book was transferred for the editor and publisher.

      On the CNET forum someone wrote that he was in trouble like me, that it was easy to uninstall version 9 but that it took him a lot of time to find version 8 to download. In fact, I search for it on Google but every time it seems I find it when I try to download I don't have the possibility to choose version 8, I click on 8 and get 9. I am a sort of desperate, It's urgent for me to send this book and this stupid problem drives me crazy. Would you mind helping me? Does some of you know where to download? Thank you so much!!! Marie-Claire from Italy