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    Screenshot Disappears Over Remote Connection

    elemonated Level 1

      I have a bit of a vexing problem with a single screenshot buried in a help guide I'm trying to get pushed out. This help guide (I should mention we're talking about a CHM output from RH 8) gets tested by my company's QC department before it's released. When that testing happens, it happens over a remote desktop connection. Unfortunately, this latest round of testing has uncovered something odd-- in one of our topics. a single screenshot (out of four total in the topic), doesn't show up. Instead, we get the ol' red x, signifying some form of broken link. However, when I open the CHM locally, the screenshot pops up.


      There is nothing special about the screenshot. I has the same basic file name and folder location as the other screenshots in the topic. And again, it only seems to be a problem when the CHM is viewed through a remote desktop. So... anyone have some suggestions? Ideas? Anything?