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    Quiz Template - Results Problem - Please help!

      I think that this question has been asked before, but after searching through previous posts, I cannot find a definitive answer.

      I have created a quiz using the Quiz Template and have it as a separate swf that I am loading into my main movie using loadMovieNum("Quiz.swf", 1);

      The quiz works fine except the quiz results do not display. The values for Total Correct, Total Incorrect, and Total Score display as "0".

      One of the threads I read said that the action script for the quiz needed to be edited, but no specifics were given.

      Any help with this problem would be greatly appreciated. I am working against a tight deadline.

      Thank you,
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          crazyjoemilan Level 2
          its more than likely how the answers are referenced in your quiz file. On the _root timeline these are all the same movieclip...


          Once you import "Quiz.swf" it no longer is on the _root level. I'd just look through the file looking for references to where the answers reside. If its what I think it is, you'll just have to replace "this" with "this._parent" a few times or something. --But not everywhere, just in specific places.

          make sense?