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    Importing Menu Template to PE 7




      I'm trying to figure out how I import one of the additional menu templates that came with Adobe PE 7.   specifically   ../general/generic one...


      This seems pretty basic, and I am probably looking right at what I need to do, but I can't figure it out.


      If I import all objects to my workspace..  (png and psd)  they do not appear in the menu selection.. so, I'm not doing something right.


      Any ideas/


      Thanks in advance.




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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          When you say "Import a Menu Template," do you mean use that Menu Set in a Project, or are you trying to get the Menu Set into a folder for use in a Project?


          For the former, just go to the Create Menu tab, and navigate to the location of your Menu Set.


          Good luck,



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            blueboar Level 1



            thanks for quick reply.


            I'm not sure of the 'terminology'


            I'm trying to use the Generic One  'menu set'   that's in the following directory in my project


            C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Premiere Elements 7.0\DVD Templates\General\Generic One


            I must be very dense.. I've pulled a video (avi) into my project -- I can't find the 'create menu tab'    I've looked at different views..  organize, edit, disk menus  --  in timeline and sceneline mode.


            I've looked at the menu options under  File, Edit, Clip, Timeline, Disc, Title, Window and Help.. and either I'm looking right at it and don't see it, or it's under something else..


            Thanks if you can point me to what I'm not seeing.



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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Now, this is for PrE 4, but I do not think that it changed with PrE 7. In the default Workspace, you have the Program Monitor in the upper-left of the screen, and then Edit, Create Menus and Share along the upper area to the right. Choose the Create Menus (white text on purple in PrE 4), and this tab will open up the Menu Panel, where you can navigate to the Generic Menu, in the General drop-down. This when you select and Apply this Menu Set, it will appear in the Disc area below the Program Monitor, which will turn into the Menu Edit Panel.


              Hope that this helps,



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                blueboar Level 1

                Attached is a picture from PE7


                I don't appear to have  "Choose the Create Menus (white text on purple in PrE 4)"   though I am sure if it was in PE4 it's probably in PE7..    though I'm still not having any luck


                I'll keep searching..  I'm trying right and left mouse click from every type of window, every pull down, from every menu option.. that I can find..  -- again..it's probably staring me in the face,  but..it is not obvious 'so far'

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                  From your screen-cap, you have found it - Disk Menu, and are in the Menu Set selection Panel already. The name changed, and Organize tab was added, but even the white text on the purple background was retained.


                  Now, all you need to do is go to the drop-down list (yours is on Entertainment now) and choose General. Then, navigate to the Generic Menu.


                  Hope that helps,



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                    nealeh Level 5

                    'Create' must have been removed from PRE7. Although you can edit a template within a project you can't save it as a new template.


                    As it says in the help 'you cannot save template changes in Adobe Premiere Elements'. I presume that there is a template creator (otherwise how would Adobe ship templates) but not available to the end user. The cynic in me guesses that new templates can be purchased from Adobe .


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                      Here is a look at the drop-down and the Generic Menu (in PrE 4):




                      You can notice the similarities of the PrE 4 Create Menu tab, and your PrE 7 Disk Menu tab.


                      Good luck,



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                        blueboar Level 1

                        THANK YOU. .I clicked on 'everything'  BUT  the  'entertainment' tab...


                        I knew (thought) it was there...

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                          There is an Adobe.com subscription (cannot recall if it was introduced in PrE 7, or PrE 8?), where by one can download additional Functional Content, including Themes and DVD/BD Menus. IIRC, that "premium" subscription is only available to the US, though I cannot imagine why.


                          Now, with Menu Sets, one can create those, with strict adherence to naming conventions and layout, and then add them to custom folders in the hierarchy of the DVD Templates. I have done this in Photoshop, and would assume that PSElements will work just fine too, though have never tested it. Because of the semi-automatic nature of the authoring in PrE, one must take a lot into consideration, if they choose to do this.


                          There are also other sources, like Muvipix, for additional Menu Sets.



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                            With the drop-down menus, there is a tiny, low-contrast arrow, indicating that other choices are lurking. These, plus some of the scroll bars, just do not show up all that clearly, and on a high-rez monitor, one has to look very closely. I have to hunt for some of these, even if I suspect that they are there. That is why I mentioned that you were "almost there."


                            Glad that you found it, and hope that the Generic is just right for your Project. Remember, you can make some easy modifications in the Menu Editing Panel.


                            Also, thank you for pointing up the changes between PrE 4 and PrE 7. I knew that there were some, but did not recall this syntax change. Same for PrE 8 - more has moved and been renamed. I'll try to stick this one away for the next time that a similar problem comes up - though I will probably forget it by then...


                            Good luck,




                            PS - your screen-cap was invaluable in helping me know exactly where you were in the GUI. Another big thanks.


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