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    Deployment issue


      I'm new using flex and I began to develop my first application to learn how to work with this technology. My first application is a simple client that consumes two webservices and show the results. Well, in development environment all is fine, but the problem is when I try to deploy de application to the server, that simulates the real application environment. I've copied the swf, and the html file that holds it. When I access the html file by te url it can't connect to webservices. the error message is "Unable to load WSDL. If currently online, please verify the URI and/or format of the WSDL (and the direcction to wsdl)". I appreciate any help.

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          mpeterson Level 1
          It could be that you baked a specific WSDL URL into your SWF when you compiled. Possibly, it is a relative URL, and when you moved the SWF file, it no longer resolves correctly. We need to know a little more about your development and deployment environments.

          - Mike Peterson
          Flex doc team
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            jpla2005 Level 1
            Well. I try to consume the webservice using the Webservice component, and passing it the WSDL address (non relative, http://www.anotherdomain.com/wsdladdress). The next step is to export the release build using the flex builder. After, I try to deploy this package to the server (I try with IIS, Apache, and Tomcat) but when try to access to the application I get this error.