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    Inheritance Problem


      I am running into a problem while trying to use inheritance and linking my custom classes to movie clips in my library. I have defined a custom class called "OptionTile" that extends the flash.display.MovieClip class. This class is meant to represent a basic option that a user can select in my movie. All the class does is add event listeners for the mouse over and mouse out event and displays a border around the option to indicate it is highlighted.

      I then have some more advanced option tiles that change when the user clicks on them, however they also need the highlighting functionality that is defined in "OptionTile". So I thought this could be achieved by creating specific classes for each of the more advanced tiles and have these classes extend "OptionTile".

      When it comes to the linkage dialogue box for my basic options, I have set the base class to "OptionTile" and just let flash generate the class definition. I can drag these tiles onto the stage and they function as expected. However when it comes to the more advanced tiles, if I set the class name to the class that I have created (the one that extends "OptionTile") and leave the base class as flash.display.MovieClip, nothing works when I drag the movie clip onto the stage. If I then set the name of the base class to the name of the class that I have created (the one that extends "OptionTile") and let flash generate a class definition for me, I get the same result when dragging the movie clip onto the stage (i.e. nothing works).

      I also see the following errors in the output window:

      Level.as, Line 1 - 1152: A conflict exists with inherited definition OptionTile.selection_mc in namespace public
      OptionTile.as, Line 1 - 5000: The class 'OptionTile' must subclass 'flash.display.MovieClip' since it is linked to a library symbol of that type.

      Level.as is one of my custom classes that extends "OptionTile". "selection_mc" is a movie clip that is on my tiles, this is just a white border that is set to visible when the mouse is over the tile and invisible when the mouse has moved out (I have used this to create the highlighting mentioned above). Both class definitions are in the same folder as the fla file.

      I am quite new to ActionScript and ive ran out of places to look for answers! Ive tried searching for the errors on google, and the only references I can find seem to point to missing import statements in the classes. I have checked and double checked all my import statements and I am importing everthing that is used in the code.

      Thanks in advance for any help!