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    Saving Image to server from stand alone SWF using PHP


      Hi all!


      I´m having some problems completing the following task.


      I built an information terminal for the shop of a friend of mine which uns as fullscreen application.


      On this terminal the swf file is running as a stand alone file by unsing the flash player directly.


      I want to save a snapshot (jpg) from a webcam if someboy presses a button.


      This does work as long as I run my application (swf) by using the browser (Firefox , Apache and localhost).


      But if I try to use it as it should be used no image is beeing created.


      There was an error when first testing the application which forwarded me to an Adobe site where I had the possibility to grant files permissions, which I did for the file (the SWF) that needed it.


      Did I do something wrong, or is there some permission thet I have to grant before it works as it should be?


      Best regards and many thanks in advance!