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    CP4 exports to wrong .swf size


      Can ANYONE tell me why the attached file outputs at 641 x 511? I have 5 of these files that do that, and dozes of others that publish correctly.

      I captured and added screen shots at 640 x 480 (removed all except 1 and still didn't fix).


      When I publish to .swf and .html it should be 640 x 504 since the controller adds 24 pixels to the bottom of the swf. NOT!


      I checked all the elements in my file they are all 640 x 480.


      I was able to fix this by copying the slides into a CP4 file that did publish properly at 640 x 504 so no need to offer solutions for a fix. I just want to know why this is all jacked!  If my fault please let me know , if not THANKS AGAIN ADOBE!