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    CS4 Premiere Pro - image quality

    flyboy2kvi Level 1

      In all of my projects for premiere when i import a .psd or jpeg file it looks in the program window and renders like crap. What am I doing wrong? my project is set to DV- NTSC standard 48kHz 4:3. I'm importing stills from photoshop 720 x 480. my image mode is RGB. Can anyone help?

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          Huntrex Level 2

          Could be several things:


          1. You are using the motion effect to zoom in on the image.

          2. You are viewing the video in a bad zoom ratio; try viewing it at 100%.

          3. The preview mode is set to draft.

          4. The image has not been rendered.

          5. The image was not resampled using the bicubic interpolation in Photoshop.


          If none of the above works, try importing one of the original high resolution images and see how that looks.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            The two big considerations are:


            How are you previewing your Timeline? Is it via FW and a calibrated NTSC (of PAL) monitor, or via the Program Monitor in PrPro? This is best, as the Program Monitor is but an emulation. Also, are you Rendering that Clip/still? Sounds like you are.


            What is your Program Monitor set to, Fit? I'd make sure to set it to 100% for Magnification and Highest for Quality.


            Since you have resized outside of PrPro, you are ahead of most users, with still images. Good work!


            Good luck,