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    RH V6 needed


      My company is the legitimate owner of a licensed copy of Robohelp V.6, but the media got lost in an office move. I've been trying without luck to get a download from Adobe and am at my wit's end. Support says, yeah, we're legit, and at one point they gave us an FTP site to download V6, but it didn't work. Then they told us the only way to get V6 was to shell out $1000 on an upgrade. I've opened cases and made numerous phone calls, all to no avail.


      We’ve been lied to and misled by Adobe support people. We’ve been given the runaround and told contradictory things by a succession of support reps who seemed to neither know nor care what *was* true. They were willing to say anything to make the problem customer on the phone go away.


      I have been a loyal Adobe customer since long before Adobe acquired either FrameMaker or Robohelp. I’ve put up with lousy QA and even worse customer service because at their core, your products are good. But even loyal customers like me can only stand so much.

      So my question to you guys is what do I do next. The obvious routes through customer support are dead ends. Does anyone have any suggestions? We have a project that needs to be updated, and I don't have time to convert it to another tool, otherwise I'd tell the good people at Adobe where to place their software.

      Thanks in advance.