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    Jagged edges on export


      Hi All-


      I'm sure this is a noob question but here goes: when exporting a circle vector image from FW, I can't get a smooth edge, keep getting little jaggies (example attached).   Been trying everything but no luck and it's driving me CRAZY!  Any suggestions?



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          JoyceEvans Level 3

          The attached image is too small to see for me. If you don't need it real crisp

          then select object and change the edge in Property inspector to feather 1. Or perhaps try adding a 1px stroke in the same color and set it to "Basic>Soft Rounded

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            Thanks for your reply Joyce.  I've tried adding the 1 px soft stroke outline but get the same results.  Attached are some more examples of the jagged edges.  I'm trying to get rid of the jaggies but keep the edge nice and crisp.



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              JoyceEvans Level 3

              I don't know a lot of technical terminology:-) but I played with the stroke settings. Rounded and curved lines have the steps that appear jagged, it's the anti-aliasing (combining outer pixels with background color) that helps it appear more smooth.


              The size of the circles you sent, is that the final size? They look fine until you enlarge.


              This is what I triied; add a 1px stroke Basic>Rounded and seect the stroke options. I put the stroke on the outside. It does give less of the step appearance.


              What I think looked even better was using a Photoshop Glow; outer glow, color the same as cirkle, Opacity 100, size 2, range 23


              Hope this helps give ideas on things to try:-)

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                sweeney68 Level 1

                That looks much better.  The 1 px stroke on the outside (hadn't thought about trying it on the outside setting) is looking better on my machine, I'm using FW8 though.    I have a glow filter but not the Photoshop Glow.


                Thanks for your help Joyce!!

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                  hawaiianlion Level 1

                  Joyce - That was me in the other posts  (sweeney68),  accidentally logged in with  old account credentials.  Anyway, thanks again!