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    No Desktop Edit Mode Available in v7.0


      I am trying to work with some material given to me from a trade show.  It is 15 FPS 320x240 .wmv content with with 16 bit 44.1 KHz audio.  Importing it directly into a 720x480 DV project predictably creates a small image in the middle of the 720x480 project.  I have seen multiple posts saying that the way to fix this is to change the project size by setting up a new project, going to the Custom Settings tab, and under General > Editing Mode, select Desktop.  The problem is that there is no Desktop choice in the drop-down box - only DV Playback and Video for Windows.  Selecting either of these leaves the numbers in the Video Frame Size boxes dimmed.  Can anyone tell me why Desktop does not appear as a choice in the Editing Mode?


      Premiere Pro v7.0

      Microsoft Windows XP v2002 SP3

      IBM IntelliStation Z Pro


      Thanks much!