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    Adobe CS3 Licensing Issue


      I have Vista Business, Adobe CS3 with student licensing. It has worked great for three months. Now I'm back in school and I get an error that says "Licensing for this product has stopped working:". It is registered.


      I've followed all of the fixes listed here and it still will not work. I have emailed support and they gave me the same fixes as here. Someone must know how to fix it, it's their software.


      I tried to uninstall but all I get is the Install Wizard. I went through it once, inserted the disk and waited patiently. I have rebooted each and every time I've made changes. NOTHING WORKS!. I can't even unistall it, that is strange.


      Does someone have another method of getting this going again. I have assignments due and it has really caused me a lot of stress.


      Thanks for the help,