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    Spry Form Validation doesn´t with PHP

    rayacosta Level 1

      Hi guys!

      Houston, I have a problem!


      I used a validation form for an e mail text field that works on .html file but not on a .php file.

      What I did?

      1.       I created my .html file and code all the Spry Valitation Form. If you test it, it works. This is the testing site link:

      a.      http://www.rayacosta.com/clientes/pparquitectura/v1/contactoT.html

      b.      The e mail field it´s the one that I’m validating.

      2.      I created 2 include files from the first one. One with the header info in header.php and another called footer.php. I need to use PHP to generate the form, so I thought it was the best way to go.

      3.      I create a contato.php file with:

      a.      header.php (here I included the links for the Spy Assets)

      b.      footer.php (with the footer info).

      4.      Here the file just doesn´t work. This is the link:

      5.      Any clues? I understand that Dreamweaver doesn´t show the Spry UI in the php file. But it supposed to be compiled correctly on the browser agent. The other files just work fine, but not this contact form.

      6.      In Dreamweaver, if you see at the header.php file, the link to the js file is not totally brown like in its html version.

      I really appreciate some light in this matter.

      Thanks in advanced,